FOTA 2 Season tutorial (Free to earn)

FOTA 2 Season Overview

- FOTA 2 Season is an event for all users who satisfy specific conditions to join in a battles and win valuable rewards
***Participation conditions: User already has a MetaMask wallet
- Solo mode with 3 heroes a maximum level of 25
- During Season, at certain time of day, user can match with other user to solo
+ The victory will get MMR points
+ Otherwise, the loser will be deducted the MMR
- When the season ends, top 10 users with the best performance will be rewarded
Reward: GEM
Here are guidelines to join FOTA 2 SEASON
  • Step 1: When FOTA 2 Season is started, players can join the event by clicking the "Seasons button" at Home screen. After that, the FOTA 2 Season interface will be open
Throughout the FOTA 2 Season, within a certain period of time, there will be direct daily announcement for players at the Lobby screen
  • Step 2: When going into the FOTA 2 SEASON screen, players can see the Leaderboard and their rank. To get started, simply start up your game, head to the "START DUEL" button
  • Step 3: After finding the opponent, you will proceed to Ban/Pick your squad in turn
Ban: Punish your opponent's players by predicting which is their desired Heroes NFT to ban
Pick: Select your desired Heroes NFT
- End of the Battle:
+ The victory with get MMR corresponding to their current rank level
+ Otherwise, players will be deducted the MMR corresponding to their current Rank level
- End of the Season
+ Top users with the highest MMR score will be recorded and receive the rewards by the system (if any)
+ In accordance with Level Medals, users will get the reward corresponding to their level medals [Reward season].
Matchmaking mechanism:
+ Based on MMR:
Determine the rank level of the user and find opponents according to the following priority:
* Priority 1: Get users in the same rank level
* Priority 2: Get Top users with rank level lower than 1 Level (Priority taken from the upper top: 50%)
* Priority 3: Higher than 1 ranking level (Priority taken from the lower top: 50%)
- For Priority 2: The priority system takes users with ranking points from big to small in that Ranking Milestone
- For Priority 3: The system gives priority to users with Ranking Points from small to large in that Ranking Milestone