Duel Battles

To provide players with the experience of intense and direct combat against other opponents by placing GEM earned from Campaign Mode Reward as bets. After betting, users can create a room or find a room or use the matching system automatically to engage in PvP Battles, and the winner will receive the amount of deposited GEM.
  • At one time, the system will provide 10 free heroes for users to choose for their lineup.
  • Players can use their own heroes and heroes from the system to play the game.
  • Users can ban opponents' heroes or heroes from the system.
  • The prerequisite for participating in Duel Betting is that players must connect their MetaMask wallet and have GEM.

Betting mechanism:

  • The defeated will lose 100% of the initial bet. The winner will receive 100% of the initial bet and an additional 90% of the GEM from the opponent. The remaining 8% will be paid as a fee for Admin statistics, and 2% will be paid as a referral bonus.
  • For example, if A and B participate in Duel Betting and each bet 100 GEM, both of their accounts will be deducted 100 GEM at the beginning of the match. If A wins and B loses, B will be deducted 100 GEM, and A will receive 190 GEM, including the original 100 GEM and 90 GEM won from the match. The 10% fee, including 10 GEM, will be split into 2% for sponsorship, which will go to Treasury if there is no sponsor, and 8% for Admin statistics.
  • F1 participating in Betting will receive a 2% transaction fee if they have HeroNFT in their wallet.