Campaign Mode Tutorial (PvE)

  • Step 1: After opening the game, choose the "Campaign" button at the Lobby
  • Step 2: At the "Campaign" screen, choose the land that you want to challenge with the following:
- The Earth
- The Nightmare
- The Greenland
There is total 30 lands (FOTALands) corresponding to 30 missions, each mission will have 5 submissions
Step 3: In order to pass the Campaign Mode, players must have at least 1 squad with 3 heroes
- Player have to complete the submission from 1 to 4 to play the highest Submission 'The Ascent"
- "The Ascent" is the only submission that requires energy to play. You will receive the GEM and EXP when you win "The Ascent" submission
Step 4: After completing the final challenge "The Ascent", players need to proceed the "WALLET CONFIRMATION" within 10 mins in the metamask to complete all the challenging and receive EXP/GEM